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Housing app

In our housing app "LKAB Bostadsapp", you can handle most things that are also available via "Mina sidor" (My pages) on www.lkabfastigheter.se. You can sign up for housing and respond to apartment offers, view information from us about the apartment, view your latest rent slip, and request maintenance. You can do all this from your mobile phone or tablet.


The tenant should be present when the apartment is inspected by the landlord. The reason for that is that the parties may need to discuss any damage in the apartment. Please see "General terms and conditions" for information about tenant liability.
Keep in mind that any damage caused by a pet is considered abnormal wear and tear.

Laundry facilities

Laundry facilities are free to use. The tenant is obligated to keep the laundry facilities and the machines used clean.

Maintenance requests

In case of damage or malfunctions in your apartment or in common areas, such as laundry facilities, you must notify us immediately. For non-urgent matters, you can report the damage/malfunction via our website www.lkabfastigheter.se by logging in to "Mina sidor". You can also call our Customer Service. You'll find the contact information at the back of the brochure.

Urgent malfunctions must always be immediately reported to us by phone. Urgent malfunctions include power outages, water leaks, or total drain blockage, or when there is risk of personal or property damage.

Urgent malfunctions outside office hours:
- Kiruna +46 (0)980-710 01
- Gällivare, Luleå +46 (0)970-301 90

Final cleaning

• Clean the stove, behind the stove, and the oven.
• Clean the kitchen hood and vent.
• Turn off, defrost, and clean the refrigerator and the freezer, including the grille.
• Cabinets and drawers: don't forget the interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets and the top of cabinet doors. Remove shelf paper and tile decor.

• Wipe closets and any drawers.
• Wipe down painted doors, including the top edge.

• Clean the floor drain.
• Clean the toilet trap as well as the inside and outside.
• Clean the washbasin, including underneath as well as on the back.
• Clean the tub and underneath the tub.

• Wipe down radiators and painted surfaces.
• Wipe down door frames and other woodwork.
• Clean window frames and windows – all sides.
• Clean floors and baseboards.
• Empty and clean basement and attic storages, balcony, and garage.
• Return all keys.

Energy tips

You can save energy while also enjoying a more comfortable indoor climate by:

- Airing out quickly by cross-ventilation.
- Avoiding washing dishes under running water.
- Avoiding placing furniture in front of radiators.
- Notifying us if taps or toilets are dripping, and in case of failure of the heating and ventilation system.
- Only running the dishwasher and washer with a full load – that saves both energy and water.

Home insurance

Burglary, fires, or water damages can happen to anyone. A home insurance policy provides good protection for your belongings in your home.

Dare to care

Can you see or hear signs of someone in the building being harmed?

- Knock on the door!
- Always call the police if you feel that the situation is urgent or threatening.
- If needed, get help from your neighbours.

More neighbours can help create a greater sense of security.

At LKAB Fastigheter, we want everyone to feel safe in their home. By helping each other, we can prevent and stop threats and violence. Your intervention can save lives. In case of ongoing arguing or violence, it may be enough to ring the doorbell and then go back into your own apartment – the disruption may cause the violence to stop.

In case of concern that children are being subjected to violence or that the legal guardian in any other way is failing in his or her care for the children: contact the municipal social services and report your concern. You can be anonymous.

LKAB Fastigheter AB in collaboration with Huskurage. For more information, please go to www.huskurage.se


Rent is paid in advance each month, no later than on the last banking day of the month. For example, the rent for April must be paid no later than on the last day of March. With direct debit (autogiro), your rent will be automatically deducted from your bank account. If you use direct debit, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in the account when the rent is due.

If you want to receive your rent slip by e-invoice, you must sign up for this via your internet bank. You then receive the e-invoice directly to your internet bank.

Consideration of neighbours

In order for all tenants to be happy and comfortable in their home, everyone must show consideration. We want to mention a few things in particular:

- If you smoke outside, make sure the smoke does not enter your neighbours' apartments via open windows, doors, or vents.

- Consider your neighbours when playing music, listening to the radio, or watching TV late at night. Extra consideration must be shown after 10 PM.

- Do not feed birds from the balcony or windowsill. Birds are messy, food falls to the ground and attracts pests. Ask us if you can put up a bird table some distance away from the building instead.

- Do not shake rugs or other objects from your balcony or window. The neighbour below or next door may have their windows open.

- Keep in mind that running large amounts of water late in the evening or at night may cause a disturbance.

- Balcony flower boxes and racks must be installed on the inside of the balcony, not on the outside.

- Pets can be a problem. Many people suffer from allergies or are afraid of animals. Keep this in mind and be considerate. Animals are not allowed to run free in stairwells, on courtyards, or in gardens. It is especially important to keep them away from playgrounds.

- According to the public health charter, you are required to pick up after your dog.

- Pets are not allowed in public areas such as a communal sauna or laundry room. The prohibition does not apply to guide dogs.

Apartment viewing

Upon notice of termination – when the apartment is available for rent – the tenant is required to show the apartment at an appropriate time agreed by the tenant and the landlord.

Moving in

Before moving in, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

- You can easily change your address online at www.adressandring.se, or by phone at
+46 (0)20-97 98 99.

- Order transfer of telephone and broadband as soon as possible.

- Remember to sign an electricity contract if household electricity is not included in the rent.

- Contact your insurance company and take out a home insurance policy.


On "Mina sidor", you can easily view your agreement and rent slips, as well as request maintenance and register a temporary rent slip address if, for example, you'll be going away for a longer period of time.

The advantage of requesting maintenance via Mina sidor is that the request goes directly into our work order system, which allows us to address issues and provide feedback even faster.

If you don't already have access to Mina sidor and the "LKAB Bostadsapp" app already, you can register by going to www.lkabfastigheter.se > Mina sidor > Kundanmälan. For questions about Mina sidor, please contact the Housing Agency.

Parking and block heaters

Please contact the housing agency to queue for a garage space, carport, or block heater space. Only the person(s) on the apartment rental agreement can stand as a contract party.

The tenant must keep the parking space clean and take care of any snow removal and sanding of said space. For safety reasons, the cable connecting to the block heater must not be connected to the electrical outlet when the cable is not connected to the car.

Parking outside the parking zone is not allowed.
Vehicles are only allowed within the residential area temporarily, in connection with loading and unloading. Long-term parking of vehicles is only allowed in designated areas.

Block heater spaces are only intended for roadworthy vehicles, not for off-road notified vehicles, as provided in the parking agreement. Caravans, motorhomes, and trailers must not be parked in the parking space without the landlord's permission.


A key can easily go missing, but it's not a fun expense, so be careful with your keys. You can order new keys and cylinders via the maintenance request function in our app or by contacting

Customer Service. Prices 2019:

- Replacing cylinders apartment SEK 2,600
- Replacing cylinders PO box SEK 500
- Replacing cylinders mailbox SEK 250
- Lost tag SEK 200

Additional key: In case of need of additional keys, please contact Customer Service for more information.

Environmental buildings

Smoking is prohibited and no fur animals are allowed in our environmental buildings.


According to the Tenancy Act, you must notify your landlord immediately if you discover any vermin in your apartment.

Cleaning of stairwells

The tenant agrees to, along with other tenants in the same stairwell, sweep and dust areas where cleaning is not taken care of by the landlord, as well as mop the stairwell connected to the apartment at least once a week and wash any windows in said stairwell as needed. This applies regardless of the size of your apartment.

Snow removal

Manual snow removal is taken care of by the tenant on and around bridges and entrances, as well as on any balcony and terrace belonging to the apartment.

Waste separation

All glass, metal, paper, and plastic packaging must be disposed of at the nearest recycling station. Bulk waste, such as barbecue grills, appliances, electronics, batteries, and hazardous waste must be disposed of at the Recycling Centre.

You can leave packaging made from the following materials at recycling stations:

- Metal packaging
- Glass packaging
- Paper packaging
- Newspapers
- Hard and soft plastic packaging

Household waste
In your waste bin, only dispose of combustible household waste in accordance with municipal regulations.

Cooking oil
Grease that ends up in drains causes major problems. It may cause difficult blockages of your own drain, seriously damage the mains network, and lead to major complications for the municipal treatment plant. If we all do our part, the grease will end up in the right place. Small amounts of cooking oil can be divided into smaller packages and disposed of in household waste. Larger amounts of grease must be disposed of at the Recycling Centre.

Hazardous waste
We all come in contact with hazardous waste. This may involve day-to-day items such as batteries, lamps, paint residue, nail polish, chemicals, oils, toners, electronics, and lots of other things. If hazardous waste ends up in combustible waste or is flushed out into the sewage system, it can harm people, animals, and nature. All hazardous waste must therefore be disposed of at the nearest Recycling Centre.


Smoking may be totally prohibited in the apartments and on the balconies of the newly produced homes. Whether this applies to your building will be stated in the rental agreement.
As a tenant, you are required to take care of your apartment. Smell of smoke that has settled in the walls is considered a damage, and you may be forced to pay for a costly clean-up upon moving out.