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Safety; Accident and fire prevention

We care about the safety in and around our buildings and therefore ask that you respect the following for the safety of you and your neighbours:

- Lower your speed: remember to always show good judgement when driving near residential areas.

- In case of an accident or a fire, or if someone requires emergency help, good accessibility is of the utmost importance. Therefore, you must not place strollers, toboggans, or other objects in passages or stairwells.

It is easier to prevent fire than to extinguish it. Some simple preventive measures include:
• Clean the kitchen hood regularly
• Immediately unscrew and replace flashing fluorescent lamps
• Make sure that batteries in fire alarms are new and fresh. We provide fire alarms, and property managers can help replace the batteries if needed. The important thing is not to wait, but to replace them immediately.
• Inspect and replace faulty extension cords and switches. Notify us of any electrical outlet that does not work.
• If you have a sauna – do not use it for drying your clothes – risk of fire.
• Avoid smoking indoors.
• Due to the risk of fire, the use of barbecue grills on balconies is prohibited.
• It is not allowed to have connected freezers in the attic or the basement.

Storing flammable liquids in multi-dwelling buildings
• There are restrictions when it comes to storing flammable liquids in multi-dwelling buildings. Below is a presentation of the rules and guidelines of the MSB (the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency):
• If you live in an apartment, you may store containers with a maximum of ten litres of flammable goods.
• On a non-covered balcony, you may store flammable liquids in containers holding a maximum of 25 litres, preferably in a cabinet. Covered balconies are considered living space, that is, indoor space.
• In a garage of a multi-dwelling building, you may not store any flammable goods in loose containers. You may have flammable liquid in the fuel tank of your vehicle and a spare container inside the vehicle.
• You may not store flammable goods in your attic or basement storage.
• Due to the risk of fire or explosion, gas cylinders, spray cans, and flammable liquids must not be stored in refrigerators. Smoking or open flames must not occur near flammable goods. People handling flammable goods must be aware of the risks.
• Also keep in mind that a garage must not be used as a workshop because of the risk of fire. A garage is only intended for storing vehicles. Thus, it must not be used for repair activities to the extent other than minor adjustments to your own vehicle, and not for car renovations that involves the use of welding tools, paintwork equipment, or larger power tools.

Call-out service in case of disturbance

We provide a call-out service via the Securitas Trygghetsjour for tenants of LKAB Fastigheter. We want you to feel safe in your home. The occasional party at a neighbour's apartment or loud playing children is something that can be expected in multi-dwelling buildings.

Unfortunately, sometimes loud music, arguing, or noise in apartments or stairwells reach sound levels above the normal. When that happens, you can contact Trygghetsjouren (call-out service). Trygghetsjouren intervenes in case of urgent or serious disturbance. For non-emergencies, please contact our Customer Service during ordinary office hours.

When contacting Trygghetsjouren, Securitas personnel will personally contact the person causing the disturbance and alert him or her to the complaint. If the disturbance is considered serious, they will call the police. Reported disturbances are notified to LKAB Fastigheter so that, if needed, we can follow up with a written warning to the party concerned.

A tenant who repeatedly causes disturbances may be liable for compensation for the call-out cost.

Here's what to do in case of urgent or serious disturbance:
- Call Trygghetsjouren at:
- Gällivare, Luleå +46 (0)970-301 90
- Kiruna +46 (0)980-812 86
- State your name, address, and phone number. The information will be treated as confidential.
- Describe the disturbance is and possibly who is causing it.
- Securitas personnel will contact the person in question. If you don't know who the person is, Securitas will find out in connection with their visit, if the disturbance is still ongoing.
- Trygghetsjouren is open weekdays between 3:30 PM and 7 AM and weekends around the clock. Outside these hours, please contact Customer Service.


If you lock yourself out, you are liable for the cost of having your door unlocked.

- Kiruna +46 (0)980-710 01
- Gällivare, Luleå +46 (0)771-760 340,
after office hours +46 (0)970-301 90.