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General terms and conditions

• The tenant is not entitled to any rent deduction for the time during which the apartment is being repaired. This means that the tenant is not entitled to receive any rent deduction for the time during which the landlord is having work done in order to restore the apartment to the agreed condition, or during which regular maintenance of the apartment or the property in general is being carried out.

• Unless otherwise agreed, the landlord will provide heat and hot water except for time during which necessary inspection or repair of the heating unit and any associated pipes is being carried out.

• The tenant is not entitled to sublet the apartment without prior permission from the landlord or the rent tribunal.

• The tenant grants the landlord the right to hold a spare key.

• The tenant agrees:

- Not to carry out alterations in the apartment apart from what is stipulated in the Tenancy Act without permission from the landlord, and not to put up signs, awnings, balcony guards, enclosures, or outdoor antennas on the property without written permission.

- To ensure that any installation of washer and dishwasher is carried out by a professional installer.

- To carefully observe the rules of conduct that apply in and around the property, as well as any future changes to these that may result from negotiations between the landlord and tenant associations affiliated with the Swedish Union of Tenants (Hyresgästföreningen, formerly Hyresgästernas riksförbund).

- To immediately notify the landlord of damages or defects in the apartment that may become worse if repair is delayed.

- To leave the apartment and other areas well cleaned at the end of the rental period.

- To hand over all keys belonging to the apartment and other areas to the landlord upon moving out,
even if said keys were acquired by the tenant.

• The tenant is responsible for any damage to the property caused by the tenant due to neglect or carelessness. The tenant is also responsible for any damage caused by household members, visitors, or hired craftsmen, which means that the tenant must compensate for such abnormal wear and tear. However, in case of a fire, the tenant is only responsible if he or she was not sufficiently vigilant. Please note that the tenant is not liable for compensation for wear and tear that normally occurs when living in an apartment. This shall be addressed by the landlord with certain regularity. However, if damages are caused by, for example, an incorrectly installed washer or dishwasher, or a leaking aquarium, the tenant will, in case of carelessness, be liable for any damage to the property. In case of damage, the landlord must be contacted immediately to avoid unnecessary worsening of the damage.

• The relationship between the landlord and the tenant is otherwise regulated by provisions of the Tenancy Act.

• The landlord is exempt from the obligation to fulfil its part of the agreement and from the obligation to pay damages if said obligations cannot at all, or only at an abnormally high cost, be fulfilled,

- due to war or riots

- due to such cancellation of work, blockade, fire, explosion, or intervention by a public authority that the landlord has no control over and could not foresee.